Ukulele Lessons

Beginner Lessons

Begin your ukulele journey with Tricialynn as your teacher at Hale Ukulele off of the 5 on Clairemont Drive.

Uke 101 is a class designed by Tricialynn to give those who are completely new to music the confidence to stick with playing the instrument.

Check out Tricialynn’s “Live Music Calendar” for class dates. Venmo @teelynnmusic to reserve a seat.

Join the Club

Continue strumming new songs every Thursday at 3:45pm in the Sacred Heart choir room with the Coronado Ukulele Club. All levels are welcome to join!

Learn new songs and techniques led and directed by Tricialynn.

Learn Online

Watch and learn ukulele from Tricialynn on her youtube channel “Teelynn Music” where she breaks down how to play different techniques to songs along with printable copies of ukulele charts.