Karaoke, Coronado’s Talent & Plato

Did you know that secretly, Karaoke is not just about how good you sound, but it’s much more about how you own the stage? Your presence and just the fact that you can emulate how much fun you’re having to those watching you when you’re up there singing and dancing to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is what it’s all about.

So guess what….I’m doing a thing and bringing karaoke to Emerald C. Gallery! I can’t emphasize how enthusiastic and open Penny at the Gallery is. I love her, enough said! But yes, the gallery will be hosting a Karaoke night January 22, 2022 5pm-8pm. The cost is $28 which includes entrance fee and a beverage. Coolest part of this is that proceeds go to the Coronado Band & Choir Boosters! It’s all about having fun, hearing some of your favorite tunes and supporting people as they get up on stage and bathe in the limelight of entertaining us all with their stage presence. I hope to see you there! But in the meantime, I have some more exciting news and it has to do with a friend named Alan.

Alan Kinzel is that guy who walks into a room, sees you, says your name and gives you a huge greeting making you feel like the most important person ever. That’s Alan. Not only does he give those happy vibe feels, but really, he is sincere and does things with good intentions overall. That’s why we love him. A few years back, Alan got this idea to create a show for people to share their talents while having proceeds go back to school programs. It grew from humble beginnings to a grand production with LCD panel backdrops, multi camera crews, and sold out seats. This annually anticipated show is called “Coronado’s Talent.” Well, last week I got a call from Alan. He started off by complimenting how well my acoustic gig went at his wife Lisa’s birthday gathering and that the guests were impressed, especially with my rendition of “O Sole Mio” (an Italian classic I learned for my Buona Forchetta gigs). Then he explained how the panel of judges for his show could use the comments from someone who knows music (totally my wheelhouse!). I was floored when he asked me if I wanted to be a judge on the show! Yes and Yes I said. So that’s the newest thing: I’m going to be a judge on Coronado’s Talent! Auditions are next month and the show is on February 26th. Check out coronadostalent.com for more!

With that, I’m ending with a quote I love by Plato.

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.”

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